Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Day

Today and the last few days, we've had kindergarten, appropriate discussions about the election.  Many kids had a lot of schema about the candidates and the President's job.  We had our own Election Day today!  We read Grace for President and Duck for President.  We talked about the importance of being an informed voter and that voting is a big responsibility.

The kiddos each had their own ballot.

Then they dropped them in our ballot box.

Then we tallied up the votes.  Of course, I take every opportunity to sneak authentic math into everything we do.  Counting votes gave us a great chance to talk about "greater than" and "less than" and the differences between.

We also talked about how to appropriately react when either your candidate did win the election or did not.  This experience made learning about government and democracy so much fun and relevant to them!  I hope you enjoy talking about the kids' voting opportunity today!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Pilot Day

My husband, "Mr. Preissner" visited our classroom yesterday, dressed in his pilot uniform.  We had charted questions the day before, and the kids were super excited.  First, the kindergarteners got to ask him questions because Thinkers Ask Questions.

Then, Mr. Preissner taught them to make a paper airplane using directional words such as: left, right, horizontal, and vertical.  Of course, after we had to give our airplanes a "paint job" (aka decorate them).  We learned about the parts of an airplane and how to add that to our own airplanes.  

Lastly, Mr. Preissner used his best air traffic control voice for take off.  We had the BEST times letting our airplanes fly all over outside!

Ask your kindergarten about our Pilot Day and all the new learning we did!  I'm thinking we might have some future pilots in the making!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


We've been doing a lot of learning around the topic of apples!  Below are some pictures from our learning!

Our math opener, "Where is the math?" is when we look at something and find math within that picture.  The kids LOVE this opener and it's something you can do around your home or anywhere else.  When you see something like a basket of fruit at the grocery store or when reading a picture book, ask, "Where is the math?"  Here is us noticing math with baskets of apples.

Then we added one seed at a time to equal the number of seeds on the apple.

We've been reading books about apples with our learning goals of working on our beginning reading strategies.  Check out this kiddo using his pointer finger to point to each word as he reads for one-to-one correspondence.

Check out this reader!  He's using the pictures to help him read AND using his pointer finger!

We observed our own apples, using our 5 senses, measured our apples and weighed them using balance scales.

We learned a little about Johnny Appleseed and charted our favorite apple foods.  We also made noticings and wonderings about our completed graph about favorite apple foods.

We cut the apples in half to see the star seeds and then painted with the apples...not paint brushes!  Check out our apple trees made with apple prints!