Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Kissing Hand...finding Chester the Racoon

We've had a wonderful start to the school year...all 9 days in!!  One of our first days, we read The Kissing Hand about Chester the Raccoon who is sad to leave his family to start school.  His mom gives him the kissing hand, and he feels better that her love goes with him to school.

After reading the book, Chester sent us on a search for him throughout the school.  We got to meet our school secretaries, our principal, our assistant principal, our clinic aide, our school counselor, our librarian and see so much of Riverside Elementary.  Chester was so tricky...he ended up leaving us all kissing hand stickers to remember him.  Below are some pictures of our search for Chester!

Here's us meeting our secretaries.

Our school counselor, Mrs. Engler is reading us our next clue!

Mrs. Smith, our clinic aide is sharing with us about what she does for our school.

Chester left us these stickers!  How thoughtful!

Our principal, Miss Lutz had a kissing hand too!

We drew pictures of who we met on our tour.

Mrs. Wilkinson kept us going on the tour as well.  It was so nice meeting everyone that keeps us safe, happy and learning at Riverside Elementary.

Friday, August 12, 2016

a little about your child's kindergarten teacher

Welcome to Mrs. Preissner's Kindergarten blog!  Last year I tried out this blog thing for the first time, and honestly, I loved it!  I'm not too fancy.  Basically I write a little bit about all the cool happenings in our class and post pictures...because they are so fun to look at.  I hope you enjoy the blog and find it to be helpful on what we are doing!  I look forward to the the relationship I will be building with your child and with you this school year.  I'd like to share a little about me since your child will be spending part of his or her day with me.

Mr. Preissner and I in Zurich this summer!
This is my fourth year teaching kindergarten, and my seventh year overall.  You will notice quickly that I absolutely LOVE teaching kindergarten!  I used to teach in St. Louis, MO where I am from, but my husband's job brought us to Columbus.  My husband--Mr. Preissner, who definitely likes to pop in the room to meet my new kiddos--and I have been married for a little over three years.  We enjoy hiking, biking, traveling and just being active.  I love to bake, exercise, get to know new people, try new recipes and teach kindergarten, of course!

Thanks for checking out this blog and keep coming back to see more!
-Mrs. Nichole Preissner