Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dot Day!

Last Friday, we celebrated International Dot day!  We listened to the story on the SMARTboard and discussed how the main character went from not thinking she could draw into an artist by persevering with encouragement from her teacher, others around her and herself.

We showed our creativity by decorating our own dots.  They are hung outside our classroom in a collage!

Each child made their own book page on what one dot could turn into, and then we compiled it into a class book.  The book will be out for families to read at our Parent Teacher Conference Night!  
Lastly, we created our own dot-to-dots!  I was absolutely amazed how the students brainstormed the picture they wanted to do, and then made a plan using dots on a big white piece of paper.  They loved doing this, and it taught so many math and problem solving skills.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

all about our Workshops!

Well, we are 18 days into school and have kicked off Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop and Math Workshop!  Let me tell you and show you a little about each :) [beware: there are a lot of great pictures in this blog post]

In Reading Workshop, we've learned how to choose good, interesting books to keep in our bins.  We've learned how to take our bins to a good spot for reading, and today we started discussing how to tell the story using the pictures, while looking at a picture book.

In Writing Workshop, we've talked a lot about story telling.  First, we think about a story that you want to share (something that's happened to you or a made-up story); then we share it with a friend to tell it aloud.  To show it on paper, kiddos have been drawing pictures of their story, adding details and labeling in their picture.  The pictures below are partners using our routine of "turn and talk" to share their stories with another classmate.  We are working on how to ask questions or made comments about a classmate's work.  It's important for them to retell their story using their drawings and words.  Sharing is definitely one of their favorite parts.

In Math Workshop, we are finishing up our unit on studying 2D shapes and moving towards counting and number sense.  We've discovered as a class that it is much more accurate to count by lining objects up or moving them from the group.  Next, touch each object and count slowly.  The kiddos have been working collaboratively to count and problem solve if they each count and get a different number with the same number of objects....what to do??  Count again!!