Monday, October 17, 2016

Afternoon Class Specific Interests

It is so important to me to let our class guide our learning.  If they are interested in something...we will explore, discover and learn together.  Therefore, my morning class day-to-day might look different than my afternoon class, depending on their needs and interests.

In the afternoon class, we started discussing the seasons changing and started a Fall collection.  One day at recess, a group of boys found pine cones and wanted to add it to our collection.  One curious boy said, "Why are pine cones sticky?"...and all the other afternoon kiddos were all in agreement about these pine cones.  So their curiosity led our learning.

We charted what we think about know about pine cones and their stickiness and listed wonderings we have.  We then did some new learning about pine cones...realizing that we have to have flexible thinking (one of our 6 Thinking Habits) for what we thought we knew and how our thinking changes based off of new learning.

Kindergarteners could choose to use watercolors to paint their found pine cone, or they could use their found pine cone as a stamp for painting.

Since my afternoon kindergarteners do not get to participate in monthly Town Hall meetings (since they are in the morning), I want them to still feel connected to our school as a whole.  We learned our school song and the motions (that older students created).  My kids LOVED the song and motions.  Here it is if you want to listen to it with your child

We collaborated on poster making of our school motto:  WE ARE ONE!  I honestly feel like this class truly feels like we are ONE as a class family and as a school :)

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