Tuesday, October 25, 2016


We've been doing a lot of learning around the topic of apples!  Below are some pictures from our learning!

Our math opener, "Where is the math?" is when we look at something and find math within that picture.  The kids LOVE this opener and it's something you can do around your home or anywhere else.  When you see something like a basket of fruit at the grocery store or when reading a picture book, ask, "Where is the math?"  Here is us noticing math with baskets of apples.

Then we added one seed at a time to equal the number of seeds on the apple.

We've been reading books about apples with our learning goals of working on our beginning reading strategies.  Check out this kiddo using his pointer finger to point to each word as he reads for one-to-one correspondence.

Check out this reader!  He's using the pictures to help him read AND using his pointer finger!

We observed our own apples, using our 5 senses, measured our apples and weighed them using balance scales.

We learned a little about Johnny Appleseed and charted our favorite apple foods.  We also made noticings and wonderings about our completed graph about favorite apple foods.

We cut the apples in half to see the star seeds and then painted with the apples...not paint brushes!  Check out our apple trees made with apple prints!

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