Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Morning Class Specific Interests

It is so important to me to let our class guide our learning.  If they are interested in something...we will explore, discover and learn together.  Therefore, my morning class day-to-day might look differet than my afternoon class, depending on their needs and interests.

A few weeks ago we were reading this counting book in my morning class.  The animal, the "gnu" was in the book.  Before I could even get out the word--the kids were going crazy with curiousity (our word for KINDERGARTEN in Dublin--yay!).  They were naturally asking so many questions.  We charted what we think we know about gnus and what we wonder about gnus.  Then we did some new learning about gnus, and we learned about what a habitat is....to help support the gnus' habitat.

As a class, we collaborated on building their habitat.  Different students had different parts that they chose to make.  One boy said, "Let's put all the parts together to make it a habitat."

Here we are creating and collaborating:

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