Friday, November 4, 2016

Pilot Day

My husband, "Mr. Preissner" visited our classroom yesterday, dressed in his pilot uniform.  We had charted questions the day before, and the kids were super excited.  First, the kindergarteners got to ask him questions because Thinkers Ask Questions.

Then, Mr. Preissner taught them to make a paper airplane using directional words such as: left, right, horizontal, and vertical.  Of course, after we had to give our airplanes a "paint job" (aka decorate them).  We learned about the parts of an airplane and how to add that to our own airplanes.  

Lastly, Mr. Preissner used his best air traffic control voice for take off.  We had the BEST times letting our airplanes fly all over outside!

Ask your kindergarten about our Pilot Day and all the new learning we did!  I'm thinking we might have some future pilots in the making!!

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